March 20, 2023

WhatsApp will get rid of cold groups, it will ask to delete them itself. How to exit and delete whatsapp group expiry date features coming tech news in hindi

Delete WhatsApp Groups: WhatsApp is working on a new storage cleaning feature. With this feature, users will be able to manage groups. Also, users will be able to set WhatsApp groups to be deleted at a specific time.


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How to exit and delete groups: Are you tired of being dominated by WhatsApp groups? If so, then the company is preparing to bring new features to solve your problem. Often we see users celebrating birthdays, weddings or any other special occasion. WhatsApp group Let’s do it. But when this event ends, these groups become useless. They not only increase your chat list but also fill up phone storage. However, now you don’t have to worry about that.

You will remain part of the group until you self-exit or the group admin deletes the group. However, now Meta, the company owned by WhatsApp is working on a new feature, which will ask you to delete the group. According to reports, the instant messaging app may be coming with a feature where users can set an expiry date for groups.

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Internal storage space will increase

This will help a lot in saving the phone’s internal storage. Wabetainfo, a website that monitors WhatsApp’s new features and updates, said the company will allow users to set group expiration dates. As soon as this date arrives, WhatsApp will ask users to delete the group. You can read more information about how this feature works.

WhatsApp Group Duration: This is how it will go

  • Users will be able to see the expiry option in the WhatsApp group information.
  • Once published, users will be able to select an expiration date for the group.
  • Users will be able to select expiration after a day, a week or a month.
  • WhatsApp will also give users the option to change the expiry date.
  • When the period expires, users will receive a notification to delete the group.
  • This feature does not automatically delete the group, so users must delete or exit the group.

New feature of WhatsApp will be released soon

WhatsApp Group Expiry Date feature is currently in the works. Once ready, this feature will be rolled out in an upcoming update of the app. Although WhatsApp has not officially given any information about this feature. Users concerned with the abundance of WhatsApp groups will greatly benefit from this feature.

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