March 27, 2023

WhatsApp users enjoyed, this feature made it easy to copy text from images. WhatsApp text detection feature update on ios and android

WhatsApp Text Detection Feature: The text detection feature of WhatsApp will make your work much easier. Check here for full details on what benefits you will get from this feature.

As WhatsApp users have enjoyed, the text recognition feature will make things easier

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WhatsApp Text Recognition Features: Nowadays, instant messaging app WhatsApp has become a part of users’ lives. Most of the users do all their work through WhatsApp, be it online payments or work from office to school is also done through WhatsApp. In such situations, WhatsApp continues to update new features for the convenience of users. meanwhile meta owned by WhatsApp Brings a feature that allows users to separate text from images. Let us tell you how WhatsApp’s text recognition feature works.

WhatsApp text recognition feature

In the new feature of WhatsApp, if the user wants to delete or copy the text written on a photo, then there will be an option. By clicking this option, user can delete and copy text from photo. Note that this feature does not support photos sent in Preview mode. That is, the user will not be able to copy text from these photos. Let us inform you that this feature has started in iOS version and beta version. In this scenario, only those who have updated version 23.5.77 will get this benefit. Some select users of WhatsApp Beta who have updated iOS version can use WhatsApp text recognition. This feature is likely to be rolled out for Android users as well very soon.

Sticker maker tool

Earlier, WhatsApp launched sticker maker tool and voice status update feature, in its sticker maker tool, users can create stickers of their choice. In addition, voice status updates allow users to record their voice and keep it in the status. Currently, these two features have been launched only for iOS users. After updating these features, the user’s WhatsApp experience becomes better.

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