February 5, 2023

Twitter CEO Shiva Ayyadurai asked Elon Musk in a tweet how to apply. The Indian-origin man, who wants to be Twitter’s CEO, asked Musk how to apply

We tell you what Siva Ayadurai wrote while tweeting Elon Musk expressing his desire to become the CEO of Twitter. Along with this we also provide information about who is this American citizen of Indian origin.

Image Credit Source: Allusive Images/Shiva Ayyadurai Facebook

Microblogging platform Twitter Its new owners Elon Musk In a recent poll, he asked users if he would leave the post of Twitter chief? The poll results show that 57.5 percent of people want him to step down, after the poll results came out, many media reports are now indicating that Musk is the new leader. CEO of Twitter What are you looking for?

Let us inform you that now the Indian-American Siva Ayyadurai, who claims to have created the email, has also applied for the new CEO post of Twitter. In addition to applying, this person also tweeted that he has 4 degrees from MIT and has also built 7 high-tech software companies.

Shiv Ayyadurai tweeted

This is what the American citizen of Indian origin wrote by posting on Twitter dear sir musk I am interested in CEO position at Twitter, I have four degrees and experience building 7 successful software companies. Tell the processor to apply.

Now it remains to be seen whether the command of Twitter’s new CEO will once again be in the hands of an Indian. Recall that Parag Agarwal was the CEO of Twitter before Elon Musk took over.

Who is Shiva Ayyadurai? know everything

We have informed you that Shiv Ayyadurai has tweeted his desire for CEO post, but now let us tell you who is this person? An MIT scholar of Indian origin, he was born in Mumbai and raised in a village in Tamil Nadu before coming to the United States. He holds four degrees from MIT, we told you that, but let’s tell you which ones these dribbles are.

These include bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, a master’s degree in visual studies from the MIT Media Laboratory on Scientific Visualization, and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Not only this, this person also claimed to have discovered email at the age of 14.

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