March 27, 2023

Twitter Blue Vs Meta Verified: Facebook Blue Tick Launched, Know Whose Service Is Better See Twitter Blue vs Meta Verified comparison where buying blue tick verification is more beneficial

Twitter vs Facebook: Meta launches paid subscription service in America Users can buy verified blue ticks for Facebook and Instagram. Twitter already offers the paid Twitter Blue service.

Verified Twitter Blue vs. Meta

Image credit source: Twitter/Meta

Twitter vs Instagram: Social media companies have found a new way to increase revenue. Twitter from meta Social technology companies have also added subscription services to their business models. These companies rely on advertising for revenue, but after paid subscription services, they are likely to receive a large portion of revenue directly from users. FacebookK’s parent company Meta launched the Meta Verified service in the US.

Earlier, Elon Musk-owned instant messaging platform, Twitter launched paid subscriptions. The company offers the Twitter Blue service for a fixed monthly charge, where users are given verification badges and other select features. Now Meta has launched a similar service. Let’s take a look at the features of Twitter Blue and Meta Verified.

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Validating Meta: Properties

  • Facebook and Instagram users will receive a verification badge for subscribing to Meta Verified. Also, special features available only to paying customers will also benefit.
  • Users will get a verification badge, which will say that you are real and your Facebook/Instagram account has been verified with a government ID.
  • Having active account monitoring will provide more protection than fictitious name accounts. These accounts target people to grow a larger online audience.
  • The reach and visibility of paying customers will increase in terms of searches, comments and recommendations etc. on social media platforms.

Twitter Blue: Features

  • Edit Tweet: Within 30 minutes of tweeting, up to a limited number of edits are allowed.
  • Bookmark Folders: Twitter Blue subscribers can organize and group bookmarked tweets into folders.
  • Custom App Icons: With custom app icons, users will be able to change how your Twitter app icon appears on the phone.
  • NFT Profile Picture: Users can customize their Twitter profile picture in a number of ways. Now you can also set profile picture in hexagon shape.
  • Long video uploads: Twitter Blue subscribers can upload 60 minutes of video (1080p web only) up to 2GB.
  • Longer Tweets: Blue subscribers can tweet up to 4,000 characters. Also, you can make larger tweets while quoting or replying to tweets.
  • SMS two-factor authentication: To further secure the Twitter account, you will be able to use Twitter via SMS for two-factor authentication.
  • Additional Features: Apart from this, users will also get great features like Themes, Custom Navigation, Space Tab, Top Articles, Reader, Undo Tweets, Priority.

Subscription Charges

  • Meta Verification: Meta Verification is currently only available in the US. Its monthly charge is $11.99 (roughly Rs. 990) on the web and $14.99 (roughly Rs. 1,230) for Apple and Android.
  • Twitter Blue: The monthly fee for Twitter Blue in India is Rs 650 for web and Rs 900 for mobile. Also, there is an annual plan of Rs 6,800, which will cost Rs 566.67 per month.

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