November 30, 2022

Twitter Blue subscription service is ready to return, from now on you need to pay for ‘Blue-Tick’!

Twitter Blue Relaunch: The microblogging platform Twitter is currently undergoing new changes every moment. We all know the reason for this, because Elon Musk has become the new owner of the company.

One of the company’s biggest changes since Elon Musk’s arrival is the new premium subscription service – Twitter Blue. But perhaps the service hastily launched with the new changes and has to be shut down within a few days.

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The reason was clear, by paying Twitter Blue’s $8/month fee, many people were able to create accounts in the name of popular celebrities or big companies and get the verification badge i.e. Blue Tick.

Alam said a tweet from a fake but verified account has cost a giant company billions in losses. In view of all this, Elon Musk temporarily stopped the Twitter Blue subscription service a few days ago.

Twitter Blue Relaunch: The Twitter Blue subscription plan is about to return

But the Twitter Blue subscription service, which allows for the purchase of ‘blue ticks’, is being relaunched and the company itself has revealed the date of its relaunch. Boss Elon Musk tweeted one of his.

Yes! In fact, in one of his tweets today, Elon Musk said that the Twitter Blue service will be relaunched on November 29.

But in his tweet, Musk interestingly noted that “Blue Verified is being restarted to make sure it’s rock-solid.” Experts believe that after Musk’s tweet, it seems that the benefit of getting ‘Blue Tick’ will be restricted only under Twitter Blue from November 29. It means from now on you have to spend money on all new and old accounts to get Blue Tick.

Will I have to pay (Blue Tick) in the old verified account from now on?

But how can Kasturi cover such a big thing in tweet! That’s why he tweeted some more in this regard. He said that after the relaunch of the subscription service on November 29, a person who has already received a Blue Tick can also lose his ‘Blue Tick’ under certain conditions if he changes his name.

Not only this, it has also been clarified that within a few months the blue tick will also be removed from the old blue tick verified accounts, after which if they want the blue tick back, they will have to buy Twitter. Blue Subscription Plan.

According to the information released so far, the price of Twitter Blue subscription plan in India will be ₹719 per month, but is this the final fixed price? Doubts remain about this. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about other features available under the Twitter Blue subscription plan apart from Blue Tix, you can check here!

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