November 30, 2022

Twitter Blue relaunch date confirmed by Elon Musk via tweet Twitter Blue is coming back, Elon Musk has revealed the date

Twitter Blue Relaunch Date: Twitter Blue was temporarily banned some time ago, but now Elon Musk has revealed when the Twitter Blue subscription service will launch.

Twitter Blue Tick: Know when subscription service will resume (hint image)

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Twitter Blue Relaunch Date: Premium subscription service of microblogging platform Twitter Twitter Blue The relaunch date has been revealed. Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk In a tweet today morning, November 16, he said that Blue Verified will be relaunched, not only that, Elon Musk also revealed the date.

As per Elon Musk’s tweet, Twitter Blue Verified will be relaunched on 29th of this month i.e. November 29. Musk said that Blue Verified will be relaunched to make sure this hand is rock solid. This simply means that Twitter will have to spend money to keep it blue from November 29.

Let us tell you that apart from this Elon Musk also tweeted another tweet in which he wrote that after this new revelation, if someone changes his verified name, he can also lose the blue tick.

Why was Twitter Blue blocked after launch?

Recall that this service was started some time ago but some people created fake twitter accounts and got blue tick for $8 and then some fake tweets were also done through these accounts. Due to this Blue Tick subscription was temporarily banned.

There was a flood of fake tweets

Many big companies got into trouble due to fake tweets from these fake accounts, let us inform you that the American pharma company Eli Lilly & Co. Created a fake account and tweeted that insulin was free. Please say that after this tweet, the company was forced to apologize to the public.

Not only that, a fake Pepsi account was created and tweeted that Coke was better. But a closer look at the tweet revealed that the account was fake as the fake account’s Twitter handle was Pepico instead of PepsiCo.

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