March 20, 2023

Thousands of Google and Meta workers are getting paid without working: Keith Rabois | Keith Rabois claims that Meta and Google have thousands of employees who do nothing

Investor and entrepreneur Keith Rabois claimed that Meta and Google employed thousands of workers to complete vanity metrics and fake jobs.

Image Credit Source: Right Image – Keith Rabois/Twitter

Starting in 2023, every day some big companies are announcing massive layoffs. Explain investors and entrepreneurs Keith Rabois recently claimed that meta(meta) and Google (Google) hired thousands of employees to do fake jobs and meet the company’s vanity metrics.

This tech entrepreneur said that Google and Meta had thousands of employees who do nothing and at the same time he made his point and said that all this awakening is making a difference.

Who is Keith Rabois?

This question must be rising in your mind, who is Keith Rabois? Let us answer this question that arises in your mind, let us tell you that apart from the CEO of OpenStore, Rabois is also the general partner of the founder fund. He is one of the members of PayPal Mafia, a company formed by former employees of a fintech firm.

Rabois said that big tech companies used to ‘over-hire’ and now those same companies are laying off workers on a large scale to cut costs. Business Insider India reported that at an event organized by banking firm Evercore, Keith Rabois said that the employees hired for vanity matriculation were already known as extras to the company.

Now coming forward what these people actually do. Rabois says companies should move away from vanity metrics and focus on profitability metrics, which will reduce layoffs and help free cash flow.

According to, last year i.e. in 2022, more than 1 thousand companies laid off more than 1 lakh 60 thousand workers and the number of layoffs has reached 1 lakh so far this year.

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