October 7, 2022

These serious allegations against Meta, the company is facing a loss of Tk 1405 crore, know the whole matter

Adding to the woes of San Francisco-based Voxer company Meta, let us inform you that a US jury has ordered Meta to pay around Rs 1406 crore. Check out the whole thing here.

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Meta is a big name that you already know about, so you don’t need to tell me what Meta is, let us tell you that the difficulty has increased for the Meta company. A US jury recently ordered Meta to pay $174.5 million (about 1405 million) for infringing a live-streaming patent developed by a US military veteran.

See what the whole thing is

The trial in Texas federal court ended with the jury finding that Facebook and Instagram’s Live features used technology that was patented by Voxer, a company co-founded by Tom Cattis.

The spokesperson of META informed this information

A spokesman for the Meta company said in response to an AFP inquiry that we believe the evidence presented at trial showed that Meta did not infringe Voxer’s patent. He also said that we would like to file an appeal and seek relief.”

Who is Katie?

Court filings state that Cutis joined the Army after the attacks on the United States and served as a Special Forces communications sergeant in Afghanistan.

The indictment said that when his combat unit was attacked in Kunar province, he realized that systems ranging from reinforcements to coordination and medical evacuation were very time-sensitive.

In this case, the lawyer said that Katis and his team began developing communication solutions in 2006 to overcome these shortcomings.

Facebook approached San Francisco-based Voxer about a possible collaboration after it launched the Walkie Talkie app in 2011, but according to legal documents, no deal was struck between the two companies.

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