February 5, 2023

The telecom department of the government has taken quick steps to solve the problem of slow internet speed and call drop with the companies. Internet speed will get rid of call drop, government will take big decision

Slow Internet Speed: Users often complain of call disconnection, apart from this, users also face problems due to slow internet speed. The government is preparing to take big steps to solve this problem.

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Call drop problem: Are you worried about dropped calls or slow internet speed? If so, then very soon you will get rid of all these things. Government call drop and slow data speed (Slow internet speedAccording to sources, the Telecom Department is preparing to take major steps in this regard (Department of Telecom) is going to take action in this regard. The government will soon issue directives to telecom companies to improve service quality. For this, the telecom secretary has called a meeting with the telecom company on December 28. Major decisions will be taken in this meeting.

Often users complain of call disconnection in the middle. Also slow internet speed spoils the mood of users. Department of Telecom is active in solving this problem of users. The government may issue new rules to get rid of this problem in the future.

When will you get rid of call drop and slow data speed?

The Department of Telecom will direct all companies in the Indian telecom sector to improve services. The telecom secretary has called a meeting with the telecom companies in this regard. Top executives of telecom companies will also participate in the meeting to be held on December 28. Major decisions regarding call drops and slow internet can be taken in this meeting. In such a situation, the government is expected to take some major steps in the interest of the users.

Why did the service suddenly go down?

According to sources, the introduction of 5G has affected the quality of telecom services. The government is not satisfied with the service quality of the telecom companies. Department of Telecom has written to TRAI in this regard. The telecom department has demanded TRAI to tighten service norms, so that services can be improved and users can benefit.

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Telecom service condition is not good due to call drop and slow internet speed. The government wants TRAI to find a solution with telecom companies. We tell you that the country has 115 crore subscribers, but the infrastructure is weak compared to the subscribers.

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