March 20, 2023

The scammer was committing bank fraud, the bets backfired… this man danced on such fingers. Scammer was committing bank fraud software engineer cyber attacker fun tech news in hindi

Bank Fraud: Attempts by online fraudsters fail. On the other hand, netizens are praising her a lot after seeing the reaction of the person whose account was hacked by the scammer. See the full case here.

Bank Fraud News: Many cases of fraud by creating fake websites of banks have come to light. A large number of people use digital banking services, due to which banking fraud (cyber crimeIncidents are also increasing. Users often have bank names small message come, so that it is told to click on a link. However, such links should not be clicked. But one user thought to teach fraudsters a good lesson. Next we will see what happened between this person and the scammer.

Seeing the clash between the two, social media users said that the thug cheated. In fact, a Reddit user (u/Global-Letterhead-88) shared some screenshots on social media, including a conversation with the scammer. This person claimed to be a software engineer and received a fake SMS in the name of HDFC Bank. He received a phishing SMS link in the name of HDFC Bank.

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Fraud links in SMS

The SMS read, “Dear customer your HDFC account has been closed, please click on the link to update your PAN number. However, instead of ignoring the fake MMS, this software engineer decided to trick the scammers.

He replied, “Okay bro”, then was asked to click the link again. The technician then told the scammer that the site opened by clicking on the link was fake and was quite easy to detect. The software engineer offers to help build a duplicate website for the bank that looks exactly like the original.

Engineer proposal

He told the scammer, “It’s easy to identify that it’s a scamming website, I’m a software engineer, I can help you redesign the page.” He also said, “For Rs 20,000, I will help you design a look like HDFC NetBanking site.” The fraudster then asked for some work samples and this software engineer sent a fake video of the bank site.

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Don’t make noise..

After seeing the sample, the fraudster agrees to complete the contract. But the engineer asked to speak later. The engineer then ignored his proposal. On the other hand, social media users are enjoying themselves after learning about this incident. One user wrote, My friend left no chance. Another user wrote, “Don’t mess with software engineers.”

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