March 28, 2023

The problems of employees who lost their jobs in Google increased, the company stopped money. Google layoffs employees lose their jobs not to be paid tech news page in hindi

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Updated: March 19, 2023 | 9:25PM

Google Layoffs: More than 100 Google workers laid off form a group called ‘Layed Off on Leave’. This includes those who were on maternity leave, child bonding leave, carer’s leave, medical leave and personal leave at the time of layoff.

The problem of Google employees who lost their jobs has increased, the company has withheld money


Google News: In January this year, the search engine company Google shut down. At that time, the company had outsourced 6 percent of the total workforce. But some employees who have lost their jobs are in a double whammy. According to reports, first he had to lose his job and now the company has stopped his vacation pay. More than 100 Googlers have formed a group called ‘Lead of on Live’ to solve this problem.

This group includes those who went on leave during layoffs. This includes ex-Googlers on maternity leave, baby bonding leave, caregiver leave, medical leave and personal leave. These people have come together and demanded to be paid for the weeks and months of leave already granted.

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