March 20, 2023

Sam Altman is afraid to chatgpt! Will people’s jobs end? , OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was afraid to take the ChatGPT artificial intelligence job

Sam Altman, the creator of ChatGPT, fears that people may lose their jobs due to powerful artificial intelligence. People want to be careful when they use ChatGPT.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

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AI takes jobs: Open the AI Last year only artificial intelligence technology Chat GPT has been launched. AI chatbots have caused panic all over the world based on its capabilities. However, now whoever created ChatGPT is afraid of its power. Yes, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has revealed a big threat about AI chatbots. They believe that it can take away many people’s jobs.

Ever since ChatGPT came out, there has been talk going around that it will put people’s jobs out of business. However, now even the CEO of the company himself is sensing this danger. According to media reports, Sam Altman wants this technology to be used very carefully.

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Powerful technology in the midst of danger

ChatGPT is so powerful that it can pose a major threat. It’s a great thing that the company itself is aware of the potential dangers of its innovation. However, this technology could work better. Sam Altman hails artificial intelligence as the ‘greatest technology’ ever created by humans with the potential to make life better and more efficient.

Impact of ChatGPT on Education

Often seen ChatGPT for students is called wrong. Media reports have revealed that it can make students lazy, and their studies can be affected. However, Altman believes that just as the advent of calculators has changed the way math is taught, AI has the potential to benefit beyond the scope of education.

Create rules for AI

Altman expressed concern that AI technology could be misused by authoritarian governments. OpenAI’s CEO wants governments to regulate the use of AI. In addition, he also appealed for community participation in the ChatGPT rollout. We tell you that he recently warned about the dangers of AI in a series of tweets.

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