March 20, 2023

Now ‘zero tension’ of electricity bill, Solar AC will run without electricity, cheap available here. Check Solar AC online price details and features at indiamart

Once solar AC is installed in the house, you will be worry free. Once you spend money and buy a solar AC, you can enjoy the air of the AC for free.

Now ‘zero tension’ of electricity bill, Solar AC will run without electricity, cheap available here

Image credit source: Indiamart

Summer has started, and as the heat rises, so will the electricity bill. In such situations, you need to have something that not only provides cool air, but also reduces electricity bills. Today we will remove all your tension. We will tell you which AC you can install in your home so that your electricity bill does not go up. In this case, you are the one at home. Solar AC can install it AC Installing it will make you stress free. In that case, you only need to spend money to buy it once, then you can use it for free. AC The air can be enjoyed.

If you want to buy Solar AC, you can buy from e-commerce platforms Indiamart and AAJJO. Here you are getting AC between 45 thousand to 4 lakh rupees, you can select any AC according to your budget. Here we will give you information about some of the Solar ACs available at Indiamart, which you can install in your home.

Solar AC is available at Indiamart

Split Solar AC, 48v Dc, Capacity: 1.5 Ton: The voltage of this AC is 48V DC and its capacity is 1.5 ton Split Type AC is rated five stars by customers on Indiamart The brand of this AC is Ghodela Shakti.

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Split Solar Air Conditioner Magic Cool Pro: This Magic Cool Pro AC is priced at Rs 55,000. The space area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis AC is up to 200 square feet. Its voltage is 220V AC. This split type AC comes with 2 ton capacity. This AC saves 70 percent to 80 percent power when it runs on main grid, while it runs 100 percent without solar power. This AC can run on 2 battery and 4 battery systems.

Benefits of Solar AC

This is how solar air conditioners work. PV cells and inverters supply electricity to the air conditioner to run its components. When the sun’s energy is not available, a battery temporarily stores energy. Installing solar AC saves you money. Also, they are easy to maintain. Besides, they do not harm our environment.

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