October 7, 2022

Now making small videos will make a storm of money, creators will be rich, fulfill this condition

A big news regarding YouTube shorts monetization has come out. Everyone wants to earn big money from YouTube, but what is an important condition for this, first know.

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We all know that YouTube makes money, but today is the time to make short videos like reels. TikTok came to earn from shot-videos, which became very popular among creators and people also earned a lot from it, but after TikTok left, Instagram started its reels and YouTube started its shorts. Recently, YouTube made a big announcement regarding the huge revenue for creators.

For your information, we tell you that the company will now give 45 percent of the revenue from YouTube shorts to the creators. YouTube’s decision has sent waves of joy among creators, as they will now have a great opportunity to earn big bucks.

YouTube will keep that share

After earning 45 percent from YouTube shorts, the company will keep 55 percent for itself. Let us tell you that in the first half of this year, Google earned roughly $14.2 billion (roughly Rs. 1,13,360 crore) from YouTube ad sales. Let us know that this income is 9 percent more than last year.

It is said that YouTube shorts will soon be brought to TV as well, meaning that mobiles will not be needed all the time once they are on TV. You can enjoy the shorts on TV at home.

This is the condition of YouTube shorts monetization

The company says that if you want to monetize your account to earn money, you must have 1000 subscribers and 10 million views.

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