March 27, 2023

Not a thousand or two thousand, employment will be created in this sector, many jobs will be created. Chip semiconductor sector to require 10,000 to 13,000 skilled manpower by 2027: MEIT

How new sectors are developing in India. Job growth may be seen in coming days. A sector is completely new, which will employ not a thousand or two thousand, but several thousand people. Read this news…

At the moment India does not have the skilled population to work in chip manufacturing factories.

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Modi government has set the goal of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. That is why many sectors are being developed within the country at this time, which were not there before and many jobs are being created in them. One such sector is chip or semiconductor manufacturing, the situation is such that there is currently a shortage of skilled people working in this sector in India.

According to an internal report by the Ministry of Electronics and IT, India currently does not have the skilled population to work in chip manufacturing plants. Not only this, by 2027, this sector is likely to generate not one thousand or two thousand, but hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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10 to 13 thousand jobs will be available

Ministry official Prashant Kumar said that 10 to 13 thousand people will be needed in the chip manufacturing sector by 2027. That means so many people will be employed. India has a huge talent pool of engineers designing semiconductors, but the number of people managing their plants is negligible.

Prashant Kumar was speaking at the Foundation Day of Electronics Sector Skill Council. Tata and Vedanta groups are focusing on setting up semiconductor plants in India For this both groups have partnered with foreign companies.

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Before operating the plant, people will come from abroad

When a semiconductor plant starts in the country, initially people will come from abroad. After that, companies will start teaching skills to local people and hire them. Only then will the required talent pool of approximately 10 to 13 thousand people be ready by 2027. Prashant Kumar said these things based on the internal report of the ministry.

Government has launched ‘Chips to Startups’ programme

Running 10 to 13 thousand chip plants in the country will require people. But the Indian government has launched a ‘chip-to-startup’ programme. Under this, the government aims to create a talent pool of over 85,000 skilled people by 2027.

For this, the government has provided expensive and modern electronics design automation tools to 120 organizations in the country. These tools are given to colleges, startups and government institutions, to give their experience to students. These tools are useful for chip designing training.

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