March 27, 2023

Meta’s new app will do all of Twitter’s work, making it difficult for Elon Musk. Meta is a new app that rivals Twitter

Meta’s new app can be logged in with an Instagram username and password. According to the report, work is going on in this regard.

meta Reportedly, a new app is about to launch to compete with Twitter. This app will be based on ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol. It is also used by Mastodon, which is itself a Twitter competitor.

As Moneycontrol reports, Meta is working on a new app for sharing text-based content. This app is codenamed P92. According to reports, this upcoming app will be branded under Instagram. That is, Instagram users can use this app by registering with their username and password.

Working on a new meta app?

We tell you that Meta has admitted that it is working on a decentralized social networking protocol. According to a Meta spokesperson, the company is looking for a decentralized social network to share text updates. Through this, creators and public figures can share their interests. Currently, it is not known whether the development of the new Meta app has started or not. According to the report, this app is in progress.

Meta’s new app will compete with Twitter

It is clear that Twitter has been trying hard to maintain its user base since the arrival of Elon Musk. In such a case, the new Meta app may add to Twitter’s woes. At the same time Meta will also benefit from it. We tell you that when TikTok was banned in India, Instagram introduced the Reels feature. This feature is most liked on Insta.

Features of the P92 app

The report says that the P92 will have many great features. It will include clickable links, user profiles, photos and videos, and facilities for liking and following other users. However, it is not known at the moment if users will be able to comment on others’ posts in its first version.

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