March 27, 2023

Like ‘Vhajji’, your fake account is running somewhere, this is how you can protect yourself. Like ‘Vhajji’, this is your fake account, so you can protect yourself

Fake Account Safety Tips: If you too have created a fake profile like Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh. So this way you can protect yourself.

Like ‘Vhajji’, your fake account is running somewhere, this is how you can protect yourself

Fake Account Safety Tips: Former Indian cricket team off-spinner Harbhajan Singh is quite active on social media. But, because of this social media, Bhajji has been in a lot of trouble for the past few days. Recently hackers created his fake Instagram account. The information of which was given by Harbhajan Singh himself through a post on social media. He warned his followers not to accept requests for any such accounts. Harbhajan Singh said that a fake Instagram account has been created in his name and people are being cheated through this account.

Let it be known that miscreants use various cybercrime strategies to cheat common people. One of them is making money by creating fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram. Thugs create fake Instagram and Facebook IDs and demand money from acquaintances. Some people believe and even pay. Later they find out that he is a thug. In such situations, we will tell you how you can avoid becoming a victim of online fraud.

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How to avoid these bullies

  • Whoever created the fake Facebook profile should warn others by posting about this fake account on real Facebook.
  • If someone demands money on Facebook or in any other way, contact them by phone. Otherwise your money may end up in wrong hands.
  • No matter how many fake Facebook profiles are created, only display images are attached to them. This is a trick to identify fake accounts.
  • If someone asks you for money on Facebook, he can emotionally blackmail you. If necessary, it will try to move the dice. In such cases ignore such messages.
  • Accept the friend request on Facebook only after seeing it. Please check the profile thoroughly before accepting the request.
  • If someone has faked your profile too, report that account as spam first. Then complain to the cyber cell.

What is the matter of ‘bhajji’?

Cyber ​​fraudsters recently created a fake account of Harbhajan Singh. And demanded money from his followers. Bhajji then shared the screenshot of this account. He wrote, beware of fake accounts. If someone contacts you under Harbhajan3_ account name, do not respond as it is asking for money and is a fake account. This is not my Instagram account. cyber crime

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