March 20, 2023

Layoffs 2023: Now the employees of this company have been hit, this is the main reason for the jobs. Layoffs 2023: See details of 45 job cuts at Pristine Care

Pristine Care Layoffs 2023: Health tech startup company Pristine Care has now announced layoffs of many of its employees and also the reasons behind it.

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Pristine Care Layoffs 2023: The fires of layoffs since January have now reached health tech startup Pristine Care. Let it be known that according to media reports, the company has shown the way out to 45 people. For public information, Pristine Care employs over 2,000 employees in various departments.

Layoffs 2023: People lost their jobs because of this

According to published data, health tech startup Pristine Care said the layoffs are part of a regular process initiated after tracking employee performance.

A Pristine Care spokesperson told Economic Times during a conversation that we have hired more than 300 people in the last four months and not a single employee has been fired. But now it has been said in many media that 350 employees have been fired and have shown the way out of the company.

The company said that despite the decline in business during the Covid 19 pandemic, we have kept all our employees with us and no employees have been laid off. After that we found new ways to increase revenue.

Pristine Care acquired the company in 2022

Seeing the growing demand for online healthcare, Pristine Care acquired Librett in June last year to enter the online consulting business.

Pristine Care raised so much funds in 2021

Recall that in December 2021, Pristine Care raised $96 million in Series E funding, after which the company’s value doubled to $1.4 billion.

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