February 5, 2023

Ireland commission fined Rs 2200 crore in Facebook data leak case Facebook received a big blow, the commission imposed a fine of Rs 2,200 crore

Between 2018 and 2019, Facebook users’ personal information such as phone numbers, locations and birthdays were leaked. In this case, the Data Protection Commission of Ireland fined Facebook $277 million (about Rs 2,262 crore).

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Leakage of users’ personal information Facebook has become overwhelming. Ireland’s information regulator has arrested Facebook’s parent company over the leak of user data. meta But the penalty was $27.7 million i.e. around Rs 2,262 crore. In April 2021, an investigation was launched into the social media platform leaking information such as users’ phone numbers, locations and birthdays. The action has been taken against the company for breaching EU data protection regulations. Meta has to pay so much for abusing Facebook’s “scraping” feature.

Information like name, phone number, ID, email address, birthday and location were leaked. All this information has been published by hackers on a hacking website. The issue was so big that according to reports at the time, about 557 million users in 100 countries were affected. An investigation began in Ireland in April last year. Facebook has taken such a big step after a long year of investigation.

To stop hacking

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has ordered Facebook’s parent company Meta to take effective steps to prevent such hacks from happening again. At the same time, the company said that it had fixed such a threat itself in 2019 after the issue came to light. Meta also said it fully cooperated with the Data Commissioner regarding the data leak.

Change the company system

Meta said Ireland has fully co-operated with the investigation being conducted by the watchdog. According to the company, it has removed the scrap feature, which could scrape users using phone numbers. In addition, the company has also implemented changes in its systems. According to the company, bad actors scrape data using a tool designed to track down friends by phone number.

The total fine is 1 billion euros

However, this is not the first time that the Irish watchdog has fined Meta. This is the fourth time Meta has been fined by the Irish Data Commission. Earlier this year, the Commission fined Instagram EUR 405 million and WhatsApp EUR 225 million for sharing user data. In total, Meta was fined 1 billion euros.

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