March 27, 2023

Gender gap in Facebook too, women get paid less than men. Facebook Gender Pay Gap Women Get Paid Less Than Men In Meta Low Wages Tech News In Hindi

Facebook Gender Pay Gap: Meta Pays Female Employees Lower Wages and Bonuses As hourly or full-time employees, female employees working for META in the UK or Ireland are paid less than male employees.

Women get paid less to make ends meet.

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Meta Gender Pay: Tomorrow is Women’s Day all over the worldwomen’s day) observed. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter were filled with stories of female entrepreneurs and employees. However, the gender gap in pay remains a problem even in 2023. This is such a big problem that most people are not aware of it. According to the news, the American technology company meta before whom Facebook Ireland and the UK pay its female employees less than their male employees.

Meta, which owns major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, discriminates against women in pay. According to media reports, Meta pays lower salaries and bonuses to female workers than male workers.

Women are paid less than men

As hourly workers or full-time employees, female employees working for META in the UK or Ireland are paid less than male employees. The report also states that there are 3,000 women working in Meta offices in Ireland and 5,000 in the UK. That’s about 10 percent of its global workforce.

Discrimination in bonuses too

In line with the country’s legislation, Meta Ireland’s Gender Pay Report was published in December 2022. Last year, women were reported to be paid 15.7 percent less than their male counterparts at the company. Talking about the average bonus, the difference is even greater as women in the country receive 43.3 percent less bonus than men.

The situation in the UK is also bad

When it comes to Britain, the pay gap is smaller than in Ireland. But here too there is discrimination against women. According to a 2022 report citing 2021 salary data, it found that women in the UK are paid 2.1 percent less than their male counterparts. The bonus gap here is also huge, as women receive 34.8 percent less bonus than men.

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