October 7, 2022

Fintech startup Univest secures ₹3.8 crore investment

Startup Funding – Univest: The pace of growth of the Indian fintech sector Chief Economic Advisor Dr. V. As can be inferred from Ananth Nageswaran’s recent statement, where he said that India’s fintech market is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030.

Interestingly, the country’s fintech segment is now expanding beyond the traditional sector, which is also receiving support from investors. Gurugram-based fintech startup Univest has secured an investment of ₹3.8 crore in its pre-seed funding round.

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The company has several angels including Pritesh Talwar (CEO, Livpur), Akash Anand (Founder and CEO, Belavita Organics), Deep Bajaj and Mohit Bajaj (Co-Founders, Peabody), Ajay Pawah (Co-Founder, Co-Founder). Received this investment from investors. Other people including Fixigo also registered their participation.

According to the company, the money raised will mainly be used for product launches and inducting new talent into the team.

Univest was started in 2022 by Praneet Arora and Avneet Dhamija together.

You can see it as a stock market investment platform for retail investors, which aims to improve the return on investment (ROI) of stock market investors, helping them exit non-performing investments in a timely manner.

It can be said that this startup has created a unique one stop solution for the stock market, which can make the investment process easier, better and more productive. The platform has attracted around 4,000 active retail investors since its inception.

Commenting on the investment, company co-founder and CEO Praneet Arora said;

“One of the main problems for most retail investors is picking out underperforming stocks and finding the right time to use them as a good investment.”

“There is a huge amount of information available in the market, but accessing the right information is a challenge in itself. Through Univest, we provide our clients with quality insights into their existing portfolios, while also helping them discover new investment opportunities that can generate higher returns. Our mission is to create a community of informed and self-reliant investors who help every investor achieve maximum profit.”

However, this startup aims to touch at least more than $4 million in its seed round. And the company is all set to take its user base to 30 lakh within a year.

Also, the company is looking to enter Southeast Asian markets like Indonesia as well as expand into investment segments like mutual funds.

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