March 20, 2023

Data of millions of HDFC Bank customers leaked on the dark web? Find out what the bank said. HDFC Bank customer data leaked

Recently, there have been many reports that details of around 6 lakh customers of HDFC Bank have been leaked. Find out about this…

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Cyber ​​fraud Cases related to these days are increasing rapidly in India. People are being cheated online or through SMS. Recently, some reports claimed that the data of millions of HDFC customers was leaked on the dark web. According to privacy data, hackers have posted personal information of around 6 lakh people on cybercriminal forums.

The report also said that the leaked details of customers included their names, email addresses, addresses and other sensitive information. The hackers also created Twitter accounts using the bank’s name, which were used to respond to users’ complaints.

HDFC Bank dismisses data breach claim

HDFC Bank has given its response to the report and denied the data breach claim. The bank wrote on its official Twitter handle, “There has been no data leak at HDFC Bank. No one has gained unauthorized access to our system. We believe in our system. We are serious about customer data security. For this the bank follows data safety and security standards.

Users are facing HDFC Bank Scam

Many users have reported phishing scams in the name of HDFC Bank. The bank responded to the complaint on Twitter. The bank has asked users not to share PAN card, KYC updates or other banking details with unknown numbers.

What to do to avoid bank scams

Any user with a mobile phone and an active SIM card can be a victim of phishing calls or SMS In this case, scammers pretend to be bank officers and scam users. In most cases fraudsters send fake messages to users and ask for their account details, OTP and ID number.

Users should be careful from such fake calls. Such unknown numbers should be blocked immediately. Also, strong passwords should always be setup for login. If the user wants, he can enable two-factor authentication for online banking.

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