February 5, 2023

Chinese women accidentally drop apple iphone 12 pro xr news in hindi | Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro is shining even after falling from the 26th floor, know what the whole thing is!

Apple iPhone 12 Pro: iPhone 12 Pro found intact after falling from 26 floors. This phone was accidentally thrown from the balcony by a woman. Check out what happened next.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro render image (Photo: Apple)

Image credit source: Apple

Apple iPhone 12 Pro: A Chinese woman accidentally dropped her Apple iPhone 12 Pro. But after the fall, he found his phone perfectly fine. According to the report, the woman lives in Ningde, Fujian Province. This woman claims her iPhone 12 Pro fell out of her pocket from the 26th floor balcony of her apartment.

A report on Gizmochina said that the incident took place on December 16. According to reports, the woman’s phone fell on a platform made of foam on the second floor of the building. After the woman asked for help, a staff member got up to answer the phone. He was surprised to see the phone, because there was not even a scratch on the smartphone screen. The phone screen was fine.

The iPhone 12 Pro is two years old

Let us tell you that the iPhone 12 Pro is a two-year-old smartphone. It was launched in 2020. The handset features a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR screen. It has a ceramic shield on the front and is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. It can remain safe even after 30 minutes in 6 meters of water.

After 10 months in the river, the iPhone XR is still working

Apple iPhone is one of the most powerful and durable smartphones these days. But in this case the survival of the iPhone 12 Pro from the fall from 26 floors is also a result of luck that the phone did not break even though it fell on a foam platform. But this isn’t the first time an iPhone has been reported to be correct under difficult conditions. This kind of incident has come up before. Earlier this year, a man in the UK found his iPhone XR working fine 10 months after falling into a river.

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Meanwhile, many iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users have recently reported seeing horizontal lines on the screen after powering up the device. Users have taken to Reddit and Apple Community Forums to complain about the issue. Some users started having this issue after iOS 16.2 update. Apple, for its part, has said it will fix the problem and support affected users.

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