February 5, 2023

China sprinkled salt on the fire of Pakistan, said that there is no money to buy a cheap phone! , China reported a 66 percent drop in mobile phone imports to Pakistan

Pakistan Mobile Imports: It’s no secret how Pakistan is doing these days, but did you know that people there don’t even have money to buy cheap phones? Please tell Pakistan’s friend China revealed this, know the whole thing.

China has made shocking revelations about Pakistan’s smartphone imports

It is not a secret about the condition of Pakistan, now the situation there is such that the people there are cheap. Smartphone Can’t even buy. This information comes from a report by Chinese news agency Xinhua, which reports that Pakistan’s mobile phone imports have dropped by 69.1 percent in a year. This means that people there don’t even have the money to buy cheap phones, due to which one thing is clear that people in Pakistan are forced to use old handsets or make calls on their phones.

Mobile towers are also down

Today’s big news

For public information, we tell you that smartphones are not manufactured in Pakistan, rather it depends on China and other countries for mobile phones. Not only the import of mobile phones has decreased, mobile towers in Pakistan have also come to a standstill.

Even those who have old phones are not able to use internet, messaging and calling properly due to the shutdown of mobile towers. In simple terms, if the situation in Pakistan continues like this, then it may happen in the future that smartphones will remain only children’s toys in Pakistan. Reasons behind non-operation. According to the mobile tower, there are many areas in Pakistan where there is no electricity for 48 hours.

Smartphone imports fell by 66%

Statistics from PBS ie Pakistan Bureau of Statistics show that from July 2022 to December 2022, smartphones worth $362.86 million were imported into Pakistan. Recall that during the same period in fiscal year 2021, mobile phones were imported into Pakistan worth $1090 million. This statistical situation clarifies that Pakistan has recorded a 66.73 percent decline in smartphone imports.

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