March 27, 2023

China had to deal with ChatGPT, with shares falling 10% as new AI chatbots were introduced. Chinese Search Engine Baidu Unveils Ernie Bot AI Chatbot Against ChatGPT Technology News In Hindi

ChatGPT Competitors: Seeing the popularity of ChatGPT, other big tech companies like Google and Microsoft are also launching AI chatbots, Chinese company Baidu has also joined the phase. Baidu launches new AI chatbot Ernie Bot.

Baidu introduces Ernie Bot AI chatbot

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Chat GPT Options: New around the world AI chatbot is being presented. China has also jumped into this race of artificial intelligence. Chinese search engine company baidu Recently launched a new AI chatbot Ernie Bott unveiling however, Chat GPT For example, investors weren’t too happy with Ernie Bot, which was launched to compete with popular chatbots. Because of this, the company’s share price has decreased by 10 percent. In fact, Dragon’s AI chatbot was unveiled via a pre-recorded video presentation, which investors didn’t like.

Ernie Bot is not a perfect chatbot at the moment, but considering the huge demand, Baidu CEO Robin Li has already launched it But the pre-recorded video instead of showing it live in real time has given the company a big shock.

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Baidu shares fall

The company’s shares sank 10 percent after Baidu CEO Robin Lee demonstrated the Ernie bot. At the same time, its stock fell 6.4 percent at the market close. During the launch of the new chatbot, Ernie Bot was asked questions about “The Three-Body Problem”, a Chinese science fiction novel, and was asked to draw a picture according to the question.

650 companies will use

Let us tell you that Ernie Bot stands for Advanced Representation of Knowledge Integration. The company has been investing in artificial intelligence for the past decade. The first version of Ernie Bot was created in 2019. At the same time, 650 companies signed up to use Ernie Bot. It will be used in search, AI cloud, autonomous driving and smart devices.

Challenging ChatGPT

American AI research firm OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November last year. It is a type of chatbot that answers user questions like a human. Veteran search engine company Google Bird has launched AI chatbot. At the same time, China’s Google daddy Baidu has also joined the race by introducing Ernie Bot.

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