October 7, 2022

Blaupunkt 55 inch QLED TV review: It’s the perfect package with a great display and powerful sound

Blaupunkt 55 Inch QLED TV Review: Do you want a QLED TV model for an affordable price? So let us tell you that we have spent a lot of time with this Blaupunkt TV, which was launched a few days ago, and what our experience was like with this TV, let us tell you.

Blaupunkt 55 Inch QLED TV Review: Bloppunkt is a German consumer electronics company, before the festive season, the company has launched its QLED TV models in the Indian market at an affordable price for consumers, let us tell you that these models are available in 50 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch screen sizes. Brought down together. Everyone wants a large screen size TV model at home that comes with a good display, keeping in mind both the needs and budget of the customers, the company has launched new models at affordable prices.

We got a 55 inch model for review which we used for a long time, how was our experience with this smart TV i.e. sound quality, display quality and its UI i.e. user interface of this TV, today we will talk about it. The information you are going to give to the public.

Blaupunkt 55 inch QLED TV: Design

Talking about the design of this QLED TV model, Blopunkt has launched this LED TV model with a bezel-less design. On the front with a premium design, you can see the company name branding below the screen. Just below the branding you will find some LED lights and buttons.

The company gives two options for the convenience of customers with this TV, either you can place this TV on the table with the help of a cabinet or you can install it on the wall, we have installed this TV on the wall. And believe me, it really feels great on the TV wall. Talking about ports, the company has provided a LAN port, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports on the rear panel of the TV.

Blaupunkt 55 inch QLED TV: Display

After the design, let’s talk about the display of this QLED TV model. As we told you that the 55 inch model came to us which is huge and you can watch this TV from any side of your room and you will get great viewing angle.

Blaupunkt TV

Not just the viewing angle, when we watched high-quality video on this QLED TV model during the review, we noticed that the colors on the screen were really good. During our review, you will also want to know how the viewing experience of this TV was. We prefer the screen brightness by default, but if you want to do more or less about the brightness, you can adjust it to your liking by going to the settings.

Let us tell you that when we started streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix during the review, we found the video quality quite amazing, overall our experience of watching movies and web series on the OTT platform with this TV was great. There are many reasons for good video quality such as HDR 10 Plus, Dolby Vision support with 4K resolution on this TV.

What is 4K and Dolby Vision?

If you don’t know about Dolby Vision, but for people’s awareness, let us tell you that whatever you are watching on the screen, Dolby Vision works for perfect tempering of the brightness, color and contrast of that content. At the same time, 4K support works to improve picture quality and screen resolution.

Blaupunkt Qled TV

Blaupunkt 55 inch QLED TV: Sound

To deliver powerful sound quality on this QLED TV, the company has provided speakers offering 60 W audio output. To enhance the sound quality experience, the company has used DTS TrueSound technology with Dolby Atmos in this QLED model. The company has given this TV 4 in-built speakers which give 60 watts of output.


During the review, when we watched an action movie on Amazon Prime Video, the powerful sound gave us a home theater feel. Overall, the crystal clear sound does not tear the ears but relaxes. If you don’t know what Dolby Atmos is, then for your information, Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby.

Blaupunkt 55 inch QLED TV: RAM, storage and user interface

This TV model we got has 16 GB of internal storage with 2 GB of RAM, during the review, we didn’t experience any lag or slowdown while switching from one app to another. Also the app loading time was fast.

Talking about the UI i.e. user interface, due to the many features in this TV, you may find the user interface of this QLED TV model a bit confusing but it took us 1 to 2 days while reviewing but things became clear as we used it. And the hand is completely set.

Blaupunkt 55 inch QLED TV: Connect

This TV has 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI ports, it uses Bluetooth version 5. If you have Wi-Fi installed in your home, let us know that this TV supports dual-band Wi-Fi i.e. you can connect this TV to any network of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.


During the review, when we tried to connect our TV to Wi-Fi, our TV connected very easily and quickly. You can also connect LAN wire to this TV, let us know that there is a separate port on the back of the TV to connect it.

our decision

Talking about the price of Blaupunkt 55 inch QLED TV, Blaupunkt has priced this TV model at Rs 44,999. You might find the TV priced a bit higher but the company has spared no expense in offering powerful features, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS TrueSound, good connectivity with 60W speaker output and a great display as if the company has left no stone unturned in this TV.

During the review, we had a great viewing experience with this QLED TV model and we found the sound quality to be above par when listening to music and watching movies. If budget is not a problem then this TV may be your choice.

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