February 5, 2023

Apple TV subscription access on Android version with new app under beta testing Now Android users can enjoy Apple TV too! This will make the job easier

Apple TV App for Android: Now Android users can also enjoy Apple TV. According to reports, the company is developing a new Android app for Apple TV. Until now Android users use the official website for Apple TV.

Apple TV App for Android: If you are an Android user then on Android device very soon Apple TV You can take advantage of the service. It is known that iPhone maker Apple TV app Android Working on the version. Currently, Android users have no option but to use Apple’s website to get services. However, when the Android version of Apple TV comes, Android users will be able to use Apple TV apps.

Apple TV’s potential Android app details have been shared by the famous Shrimp Apple Pro Twitter handle for Apple leaks. Earlier this verified Twitter account leaked the exact details of the dynamic island on the iPhone 14 Pro. Accordingly, the American giant tech company is currently testing the Android version of the app internally.

Apple TV is now on Android

The upcoming app will provide a lot of support to users using Apple TV on Android. Until now you had no other option than to use the Apple TV website on your Android phone to use this service. According to MacRumors, Android users will also be able to watch the MLS Season Pass on the app starting next year. Currently, the Major League Soccer (MLS) Season Pass streams all matches on Apple TV under a 10-year agreement between the league and Apple.

Android version of Apple TV is coming. (Photo: twitter.com/VNchocoTaco)

Access to these apps is available on Apple

Currently, Apple TV has a dedicated app for Google’s Chromecast and Android TV. In addition, the Apple TV app gives access to Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Roku Stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick and apps from the likes of Sony, LG, Samsung and Vizio.

Apple’s picture wins an Oscar

Some of Apple’s shows and movies are well-liked. It can attract many Android users. If we talk about Apple’s famous films, one of them CODA film has won the best picture award at Oscars 2022.

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First 3 months free on Apple devices

The Apple TV Plus app is available on Apple devices for free for the first three months, after which a charge of Rs 99 per month is made. From February 2023 next year, Apple TV Plus will also live stream soccer matches from North America’s top domestic soccer league, Major League Soccer (MLS).

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