March 27, 2023

Apple and Foxconn have to do a 12-hour shift, the government has changed the law! , Check out what Apple and Foxconn lobbying say about Karnataka’s new labor law

Karnataka Labor Laws: Due to Apple and Foxconn, the Karnataka government has made major changes in labor laws. Let’s find out what has changed in the new labor law.

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Apple iPhone Taiwan’s largest manufacturer Foxconn Going to make big investments in Karnataka soon. For the information of the people, we tell you that according to media reports, due to Apple and Foxconn, the Karnataka government had to enforce the labor law (New Labor Law) had to undergo a major change.

What is the new labor law?

After the changes in the Lebanon Act by the Karnataka government, now like China, workers will work in two shifts in Karnataka. Factory workers now have to work 12-hour shifts after a new law in Lebanon. Recall that before the new labor law, only 9 hour shifts were allowed.

Not only this, the rules regarding women working in night shift have also been eased. For the information of the public, after the introduction of the new law, a maximum working week of 48 hours is now allowed. On the other hand, the overtime period has been increased from 75 hours to 145 hours in three months.

Explain that due to rising tensions and supply problems in China, major companies around the world are taking major steps to reduce their dependence on China. Let us tell you that the government has come up with PLI i.e. Production Linked Incentives to promote manufacturing in India. The government aims to make India the largest manufacturing hub.

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