November 30, 2022

An iPhone lost at sea is not useless, it works perfectly iPhone remained in the sea for a year, the owner was shocked when the phone came out of the water

Apple iPhone: We all know that iPhone does not get damaged even if it goes in water. But, let us tell you that the phone that has been in the sea for a year is still working, then you will surely be surprised.

We all know that iPhone is not damaged even in water.

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iPhone We all know that they do not spoil even if they go into water. However, we tell you that staying at sea for a year Smartphone If this works too, you will be surprised. Yes, this incident came to light in Britain, where a woman lost her phone at sea a year ago and it has now been found. And the special thing is that it is working perfectly fine. Let us tell you this news in detail.

How did the phone get lost in the sea?

According to a report by The Sun UK, a 39-year-old woman named Claire Atfield was on an adventure sport when her Apple iPhone 8 Plus smartphone was lost at sea. He reportedly fell off his board on 4 August 2021. And the phone was lost under the water. And now after a year he got the phone back.

After a total of 460 days, the phone washed ashore on November 7 this year. And it was seen by a man who came to walk his pet dog on the beach. That’s how Claire got her phone back. And they consider all the pictures stored in it to be safe.

How did the woman return the phone?

There were old bank credit cards and medical cards with mobile phone covers. The medical card contained his mother’s contact information, which could help the person locate her. According to the report, he said that it is amazing that the phone is still working perfectly properly. He said, it is also surprising that the phone did not reach any distant place even after being washed away.

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In April 2021, this British woman took up the sport of paddleboarding. He said that he used to go out before work. So she always kept her phone close to her neck. But he was enjoying the game far out at sea and suddenly fell off the board. She said she came back and started moving forward. And that’s when he realizes he’s lost his iPhone. The British woman reported that the phone was in the protective case that came with the paddleboard, so maybe that’s why it stayed there and didn’t go far.

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