November 30, 2022

5G Smartphones With Super Fast Speed ​​Check These 5g Mobiles | Want to buy a 5G smartphone? You will get faster speed on these 16 mobiles

5G Mobile: You are planning to get a new 5G smartphone, so today in this list we are going to talk about the handsets that get the fastest speed of 5G.

5G Phones: These 5G mobiles offer super fast speeds

Image credit source: Symbolic Images

You must have used Okla service sometime to check internet speed, we tell you now Okla 5G smartphone Which says 5G runs at blazing speeds. Ookla tested the 5G speed on some smartphones in different countries, the results published after the test gave information about those 5G mobiles where 5G works faster. In this article, we will tell you only about the handsets that you will find in the Indian market.

  1. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: 5G testing on this iPhone model in Vietnam, Brazil, UK, Germany and South Africa showed that 5G service works very fast on this phone. Of course India is not named in this test but this phone is also available in India.
  2. Poco X4 Pro 5G: The speed test showed that this Poco phone offers the fastest 5G speed in Brazil, we tell you that Indian customers can also buy this handset. The test recorded a download speed of 355.43 Mbps.
  3. Apple iPhone 13: Internet works fast on this model launched last year, when tested in Brazil and Vietnam, the phone recorded a speed of 344.4 Mbps.
  4. Apple iPhone 14 Pro: This iPhone model was launched this year along with iPhone 14 series, let us inform you that 5G speed has been tested in UK, US, Germany and Thailand.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: It is the flagship smartphone of the Samsung brand, you can easily find this phone in the Indian market. Please note that this handset has been tested in Vietnam, USA and South Africa.
  6. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: This is Apple’s most powerful iPhone model that you will easily find in the Indian market. Please note that this device has been tested in Japan, USA, Germany, UK and Thailand.
  7. OnePlus 9 5G: If you like OnePlus brand phones, then you can buy this device, let us inform you that when this smartphone was tested in Germany and China, it was found that 5G works very fast in these models. Please tell that you will get both these models in the Indian market as well.
  8. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G: 5G speed testing on this Xiaomi phone showed that 5G works at lightning speed on this device. Please state that the test took place in the Philippines.
  9. Samsung S21+ 5G: If you are looking to buy a flagship phone, you might as well go with this phone, let us tell you that this phone has been tested in the US.
  10. Apple iPhone 12: Of course, this Apple model is two years old, but in terms of 5G speed, this device also makes it to this list. This phone has been tested for 5G speed in Vietnam.
  11. Samsung Galaxy Fold4 5G: If you prefer foldable phones, say this device recorded speeds of 162.50 Mbps during tests in the US. You will get this phone not only in US but also in India.
  12. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G: When tested in the Philippines, this Samsung brand phone recorded a download speed of 183.54 Mbps.
  13. Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G: Another foldable phone in this list, this device has been tested in Thailand. During testing, 5G speeds were very fast on this phone.

Note: The above mentioned smartphones are definitely available in the Indian market, but all these smartphones have not been tested for 5G speed in India.

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