September 29, 2022

395 million rupees fine Google, know the reason!

Google has been hit with a hefty fine in South Korea, the largest ever fined a company for privacy violations. State the allegations against the company.

Google fined a hefty sum, see what it’s all about (symbolic image)

If we need to search something on the internet, we resort to Google for it, but do you know that Google has been fined four billion dollars (about Rs. 31,778 crore) in a monopoly case. In addition to the monopoly lawsuit, Google has been accused of using users’ personal information to tailor services without their permission. We tell you that this is the largest fine ever for privacy violations in South Korea.

While hearing Google’s appeal, the court said the company had alleged illegal restrictions on mobile network operators and Android mobile manufacturers to maintain its control over the search engine market.

The controversy started in 2015

Recall that the dispute between the court and Google over the elimination of monopoly activity began in 2015. Let us say that after about 3 years, a top court of the European Union (EU) imposed a hefty fine of $4 billion on the company, after which the company approached the apex court.

Penalty is a big cut of 5 percent

While hearing the case, the top court said that considering the seriousness of the violation, a fine of $3.99 billion on Google was justified. For your information, we inform you that Google was fined 4.34 billion euros by the Commission, which was reduced by the court.

Google hoped the fine would end

Google’s reason for approaching the top court was that the company had hoped the fine would be overturned, but the court’s decision to uphold the fine disappointed Google. In this regard, Google said that we are disappointed that the court did not cancel the commission’s decision.

Google’s second defeat

This is Google’s second defeat in court, recall that the company challenged a fine of $ 2.42 billion in 2021, which was rejected by the court. Let us tell you that the Commission said that the activities carried out by Google are anti-competitive, reducing options for users.

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