March 27, 2023

29 lakh rupees were sunk due to the lure of cheap iPhones on Instagram. Instagram Social Media Fraud iPhone Users Lose Rs 29 Lakh In Cyber ​​Crime Scam In Hindi

Social Media Fraud: In the process of buying a cheap iPhone, a user lost around Rs 29 lakh. If you want to avoid being scammed on social media, keep these important points in mind.

29 lakh rupees were sunk due to the lure of cheap iPhones on Instagram

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Social Media Fraud: Nowadays most people are active on social media. In such situations, some users shop on social media platforms as well. Buying from social media is not wrong, but buying from here can cost a lot or even cause damage. such as Instagram But online shopping has led to major fraud cases. A user bought it iPhone It caused a loss of 29 lakh rupees.

In this situation, the user told the police that a few days ago, a huge discount was being offered on an Instagram page. Attracted by the discount on iPhone, he became a victim of fraud of lakhs of rupees.

Online fraud case

The user contacted other buyers to verify the authenticity of the page. Buyers reported the page as genuine after which the user agreed to buy the cheap iPhone. The user first made an advance payment of Rs 28,000 to purchase the iPhone. After making the payment, the user starts receiving calls from various numbers asking him to pay more in the name of tax, custom holding etc. According to reports, the user said that he had transferred around Rs 28,69,850 to various accounts. Even if the user doesn’t get the phone, about 29 lakh rupees is definitely lost.

Be careful when shopping online

  1. Cases of cheating on social sites have also come to the fore. Many people have been cheated in online shopping before.
  2. The easiest way to avoid any cyber fraud is to not open any unknown link that comes your way.
  3. Do not share your banking details with anyone.
  4. Do not share OTP and ATM password with anyone.
  5. Don’t fall into the trap of freebies or discounts. Do not share your bank details and OTP with anyone.

Note: When shopping online on social media, verify all information correctly before making any payment. Consider paying later.

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