February 5, 2023

Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave him a Roll Royce for Christmas Ronaldo’s girlfriend gave him 8 million rupees, the footballer’s eyes burst!

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best footballers in the world, was surprised by his girlfriend’s gift.

Cristiano Ronaldo received a car as a gift. (file image)

One of the busiest players in the world, famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is currently resting. He was recently cleared to play FIFA World Cup-2022. He does not have a contract with any football club at this time. In such a situation, he is busy with his family and enjoying Christmas. But Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgia Rodriguez made his Christmas special. Georgia has gifted one of the world’s most expensive cars to Ronaldo.

Georgia has gifted Ronaldo a luxury car, a Rolls Royce, which is said to be worth Rs 8 crore. Georgia uploaded the video of this car on her Instagram. In the video, Georgia brings Ronaldo out of his house and shows him the Rolls Royce car parked outside, which Ronaldo is surprised to see.

Could not surprise in the World Cup

Ronaldo holds almost every trophy in the world of football, but not the FIFA World Cup trophy. He arrived in Qatar this year hoping to fill this void, but it was not to be. Ronaldo’s team Portugal were one of the strongest contenders to win the tournament, but the team crashed out in the quarter-finals. Portugal are placed in Group-H. With two wins in three matches, this team secured the ticket to Round-16 from number one.

In the round-16 match, Portugal beat Switzerland 6-0 to advance to the quarter-finals. But this team had to lose to Morocco in the quarter finals. Morocco won 1-0. Ronaldo was seen crying after this loss.

Manchester United did it

However, before the start of the FIFA World Cup, Ronaldo received bad news. His club Manchester United decided to part ways with him. Ronaldo spoke out against the club’s manager in an interview, after which the club was outraged, and then they both decided to part ways by consensus. Now Ronaldo is looking for a new club and if media reports are to be believed, Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr wants to sign him.

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