March 27, 2023

Who is the conspiracy against Devendra Fadnavis Aniksha Jaisinghani Fadnavis?

There is no doubt that there is a conspiracy against Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. As part of the plot, a bookie’s daughter approaches Fadnavis’s wife and narrates her ordeal to her and prepares to wear the dress she designed. Later he tried to give an advance of one crore rupees by explaining the money earning scheme.

The question is whether Aniksha Jaisinghi had to take advantage or did she conspire at her level? The thing is not digesting that a bookie’s daughter herself conspired against the former chief minister and now the chief minister of the state. Two days after his arrest, police also alleged that he tried to blackmail Fadnavis’ wife Amrita and demanded Rs 10 crore.

This complaint is also not acceptable. A very clever goon may try to blackmail a businessman or an officer but cannot try to blackmail one of the biggest leaders of the state. So the matter is not very simple. It has many layers and if investigated carelessly can lead to huge revelations. It seems that there is a conspiracy in the government. Remember, this case was opened in February and the FIR was registered on 20 February. So why did the police take a month to take action?

The news was published in an English newspaper on March 15 and the accused girl was arrested the next day. A day later he was accused of blackmailing. Only then will you know what was going on for about a month? It should also be known whether it is Jaisinhi’s conspiracy or opposition’s conspiracy or allies’ conspiracy or something else?

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