March 20, 2023

Unopposed Nagaland Nagaland will be unopposed again!

There was no opposition party in Nagaland before the assembly elections. All parties in the state were with the ruling coalition. Although he was not part of the government, he supported the government. After the elections, it seemed that there would be an opposition in the state and probably a strong one. But within a week of the election results, it was clear that Nagaland would be opposition-free this time too. The 60-member assembly will not have a single opposition MLA. Only 60 MLAs will support the government. Imagine, MLAs from parties opposing the BJP at the national level have also won, but they too will support the government.

The two parties in the ruling coalition, the NDPP and the BJP, won 25 and 12 seats respectively and an absolute majority. However, all other parties supported the government. Its old rival NPF won five MLAs and did not get main opposition status. He has already supported the government. The most surprising result was Sharad Pawar’s party NCP, which won seven MLAs. It could have been the main opposition party but supported the government. The state unit offered support, which was approved by Power. Also, the only MLA from Nitish Kumar’s party also supported the government, after which Nitish dissolved the state committee. Chirag Paswar and Ramdas Athwal’s parties have won two MLAs each and they are also supporting the government. Apart from this, four independents will also support the government.

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