March 20, 2023

The BJP satraps of the Vajpayee era are still relevant

It seems that even if the current BJP top leadership wants to, they cannot avoid the regional satraps of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee era. In states where BJP has its old bases and where BJP came to government on its own before the rise of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, the old satraps of BJP are still effective and relevant. Although several attempts were made to corner him, he returned. Forced, the BJP high command only had to work with him. Karnataka’s BS Yeddyurappa is an example. The team made him face again there. The party is going to contest the elections under his leadership, even though he has announced that he will retire from politics and not contest the elections.

Almost the same is the case of Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Madhya Pradesh. When the Congress government fell and the BJP government was formed, he eventually became the Chief Minister. Since then there have been many incidents or events which have reduced his authority, but now it seems that he will contest the party elections only if he becomes the Chief Minister. It is said that instead of changing or aligning them, the BJP will now enter the polls by promoting the achievements of their government. Similarly, Babulal Marandi returned to Jharkhand. After five years in power, when the BJP lost, Marandi’s party merged with the BJP and Jharkhand politics now somehow revolves around him. Even after all the trials in Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi remains the biggest leader. He is doing Bihar BJP politics and other leaders are supporting him.

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