March 20, 2023

Ramcharitmanas will become a cause of controversy in Bihar!

All is not well between the Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Janata Dal-U in Bihar. However, it is too early to say that the synergy between the two parties is going to end and Nitish Kumar is going to return with the BJP. However, the distance between the two groups has increased. A learned JDU leader says there are many reasons for widening the gap, but if the relationship breaks, it will be the Ramcharitmanas dispute. If the RJD leaders do not stop criticizing Ramcharitmanas and Ramayana, the JDU may be separated by making it an issue. Notably, RJD leader and state education minister Chandrasekhar has been constantly criticizing Ramcharitmanas.

Chandrasekhar criticizes it by citing an illustration from Ramacharitmanas and calls it anti-backward. Even then JDU defended this scripture written by Tulsidas. Recently Chandrasekhar reached the Vidhan Sabha with copies of Ramacharitmanas and Ramayana and from there also went to the Vidhan Sabha. JDU spokesperson Neeraj Kumar questioned this. He said, it is not known what Chandrasekhar is trying to prove.

Neeraj Kumar went on to say that he could recite two or four controversial lines from the Quran and the Bible as well. Later, RJD spokesperson Subodh Kumar Mehta said that RJD people will read the controversial line from Ramcharitmanas, if anyone else wants to read the controversial line from the scriptures of other religions, he should read it. The rhetoric on both sides is indicative of the growing conflict. If JDU is referring to the Koran, there are indications from that too.

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