March 20, 2023

Rahul should hold a press conference without Ramesh Jayaram

Rahul Gandhi and his party should explain to Jairam Ramesh. They are not doing Rahul any favors by publicly blocking Rahul Gandhi from press conferences. It is not his job to prompt Rahul in a press conference. If Rahul has done something wrong, it is Ramesh’s job to cover it up or explain it later. In the press conference, Rahul said – unfortunately I am an MP…, in which Ramesh stopped him and started telling him from ear to ear. If Ramesh hadn’t stopped and explained to him, maybe no one would have noticed what word Rahul started his sentence with. But Ramesh interrupted and turned everyone’s attention to Rahul’s words.

In fact, Ramesh is so anxious to show his wisdom that he doesn’t realize that he is giving the BJP an opportunity to prove Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu’. Remember, Rahul Gandhi was in London for two weeks and during this time he attended five public events. Sam Pitroda was present with him everywhere. But nowhere did he stop or hinder Rahul. Rahul was lecturing like a boss and keeping his word. Whether there was any mistake in that or not is a different matter but the real thing is the authorities, which Ramesh has minimized.

In fact, it is a big problem for Congress that many Congress leaders like BJP leaders feel that Rahul Gandhi needs to be convinced. This situation is not good for Rahul. Later, to give it a twist, Congress leaders were campaigning that anyone in the BJP could stop Modi? Cannot be interrupted. Not only in BJP but in any party no one can stop the supreme leader and that is why he is the supreme leader.

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