March 20, 2023

rahul gandhi london visit Why so much fuss about Rahul?

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi did not say anything at his events in London, which caused so much fuss. He didn’t say anything wrong or anything new. Despite this, BJP leaders are following him and trying to prove that he has insulted the country. What Rahul Gandhi said in London, he is saying the same in Delhi. So the question is, is it not an insult to the country if it is said in Delhi and it is an insult if it is said in London? Rahul said that he is not allowed to speak in parliament, the mic is turned off, media is under pressure, central agencies are being misused, crony capitalism is being promoted etc. the country is being insulted?

Rahul Gandhi has said these words hundreds of times in India and repeated them at various events in London. He first spoke at Cambridge, then met journalists associated with the Indian Journalists Association, then addressed the diaspora and then addressed the British Parliament. He said the same thing in four places. Threats to democracy, pressure on media, propaganda of selected industrialists and fascist thinking of RSS-BJP. There is nothing new in it, nothing to insult the country. He has said this at least half a dozen times in the past on foreign tours. In any case, BJP leaders say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased the country’s dignity, so what is the insult in Rahul Gandhi’s speech!

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