March 27, 2023

Parliament’s budget session Amit Shah Parliament will continue next week?

Serious efforts seem to be underway to resume Parliament’s proceedings in the second week of the second phase of the budget session. Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself has taken the initiative. He said that both sides should sit down with the Speaker and resolve the issue so that the proceedings of the Parliament can go on smoothly. The question is, how will the party back down when Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself sat in the Parliament office in the first week and hatched a strategy with his parliamentary leaders and Union ministers and the BJP stalled Parliament? From his position in the second week? Does the BJP expect the Congress to give up its stubbornness? What happens to the compromise if both sides sit down with the speaker?

There are three types of pressure from the government on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. First, in his speech in London, he insulted the country and apologized to Parliament for it. There has been a demand from the BJP to form a special committee to investigate the matter and suspend Rahul or cancel his membership. But this is not a very serious claim. Second, during the discussion on the President’s address, Rahul talked about the Prime Minister’s relationship with the Adani group, for which a breach of privilege notice has been issued. And thirdly, the Delhi Police has issued a notice to Rahul for his remarks on the rape of women in Srinagar.

One of the main issues being pressed by the opposition is the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to probe the Hindenburg Report against the Adani Group. Also, Congress general secretary KC Venugopal issued a breach of privilege notice against the Prime Minister in the Rajya Sabha. I do not know how the Congress woke up so late? In the first part of the budget session, the Prime Minister commented on the Nehru-Gandhi family and said why they do not use the surname Nehru. Notice should have been given if defamatory.

But it is sure that it was the BJP’s strategy in the first week of the second phase of the budget session and raising the issue of Rahul’s apology created a ruckus. Everything was pre-arranged. Because of this, the presiding officers of both houses did not try to run the house. One day, a Parliament adjourned for the day in just three minutes. With a week of noise, the BJP has created an impression that Rahul Gandhi is anti-national. Now if the BJP backs down, the Speaker and the Chairman will have some recourse. If the BJP continues to raise the issue of nationalism, the deadlock will continue and the session will soon end.

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