March 20, 2023

Parliament BJP JPC Rahul Gandhi diverted attention from all issues

The budget session of the Parliament diverted attention from all the important issues. This is the success of BJP’s strategy. He has stuck the opposition on one issue. The Congress and other opposition parties feel that the JPC probe into the Adani group is a cut of Rahul Gandhi’s humiliating country controversy. The question is, what will be the benefit of JPC investigation of Adani Group? No previous JPC investigations have yielded anything. Above all, a Supreme Court committee, including two retired judges, has been set up to probe the Adani group. The Supreme Court asked SEBI to conduct a separate investigation. So nothing major will come out of the JPC investigation. There are also doubts whether it will undermine the credibility of the government among the people.

But because of this, the opposition has left out important issues. The important factor is inflation. After a month or two of easing, retail inflation has again moved above the Reserve Bank’s target. The inflation rate has been above 6 percent for two consecutive months. The unemployment rate in the country is over seven percent. The government has reduced the food security budget from MNREGA in next year’s budget. Abuse of central bodies has tightened the noose on all opposition parties.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has been arrested. Poems from Tejaswi Yadav, many leaders hang swords. The opposition is not aware of this. All important issues are hidden behind one Adani issue. The Adani issue is also not interesting as most people are not affected by it and the country’s economy is not affected. The stock market is still close to 60 thousand.

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