February 5, 2023

Nitish’s claim is weak in numbers Nitish Kumar in Bihar politics

If we look at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s claim for the post of Prime Minister in terms of numbers, then he is the weakest. But Nitish’s appeal is huge. As a leader and social equation, he is a strong candidate and his look is not very charismatic compared to Narendra Modi, but still better than other candidates. Still, JDU leaders feel that Nitish’s claim during the talks is weak as he has the least number of MLAs. They definitely have 16 MPs in Lok Sabha, but everyone knows that they won so many MPs in 2019 because of the fight with BJP. Earlier in 2014 when he contested alone, only two of his MPs managed to win.

He has only 45 MLAs out of 243 in the Bihar Assembly and in a by-election to a seat recently the RJD gave him his seat, yet his party was defeated. In comparison, Mamata Banerjee has 220 MLAs, exactly five times Nitish’s. They are also far ahead in terms of the number of parliamentarians. K Chandrasekhar Rao has 119 MLAs, almost three times that of JDU. Arvind Kejriwal may not have a single MP in the Lok Sabha but he has 10 MPs in the Rajya Sabha and 161 MLAs in four states. They have governments in two states. That means they have less than four times the number of MLAs than the JDU. So if it is a matter of numerical strength to decide the contender for the post of Prime Minister with the opposition unity, then Nitish’s claim will be weakened.

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