October 4, 2022

nitish kumar prashant kishor How PK will present Nitish?

Election strategist Prashant Kishore met Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. There are different stories about how the meeting took place and who initiated it. Nitish Kumar said that Prashant Kishore wanted to meet. In front of the media, he said, if someone wants to meet, how will he agree? Pawan Verma, on the other hand, said that he did not mediate, meeting PK was entirely Nitish Kumar’s decision. But whatever the initiative, the meeting took place only if both agreed. So, now the question is, how will Prashant Kishor represent Nitish Kumar? Nitish has been a complete failure in his ‘Suraj’ campaign in the last three months. He also made a big personal attack on Nitish.

Remember that Prashant Kishor is not the kind of leader who would believe if he was in the opposition today, he used to criticize, now when he comes together he starts praising. They do the work of political management. Brand is most important to them. Brand credibility is paramount. He himself has ruined the brand image of Nitish Kumar so much that how will he improve it and how will he make Nitish’s brand shine all over the country? This is a big question. If he presents Nitish, BJP will air his own speech and show what he himself said about Nitish. Only then will the test of his skills be how he hides his words and brings Nitish’s brand to the fore. Accepting Nitish as a leader among opposition parties is not a difficult task.

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