March 20, 2023

Narendra Modi Govt BJP Lok Sabha Election Preparations Modi Govt Big Celebration

The Narendra Modi government at the Center is about to complete nine years. The fourth anniversary of his second government is at the end of May and preparations have already begun for major events to mark the occasion. It can also be said that the celebration has begun. Narendra Modi’s new animated video is a case in point.

BJP has released a four and a half minute animated video of Prime Minister Modi titled ‘Mujhe Channa Jana Hai’. It details his journey from Chief Minister of Gujarat till now and his determination to make the country a five trillion economy by working for every section of the society. It also mentions the opposition party’s attack on him.

In a way, this is the first step in preparation for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Similarly, more promotions will be released on different themes. Sources in the BJP informed that all central government ministries have been directed to prepare the statement of their achievements. A coordination group has also been formed for this, involving many ministers. Recently, in a meeting of these ministers, various programs have been thought of on the occasion of the anniversary of the government.

It is said that this year the theme of poor welfare will be highlighting projects related to service, dedication and welfare of the poor. All Ministries of the Government will prepare their job descriptions. They have been asked to prepare the second government’s four-year report and the entire nine-year work report separately. There will be campaigning for the BJP and the central government. In 2024, when the BJP campaigns for a third consecutive majority, it will tell how much the two terms have changed the country. Prime Minister Modi has already announced the election year even if the election is next year.

Sources in the BJP informed that the government will complete four years by the end of May, but the party is gearing up for nationwide celebrations throughout the month of May. This will be the last chance before next year’s elections. That’s why countless promotional materials will be ready. There will be an abundance of animated videos, videos, audio, billboards, posters, advertisements, etc. There will be extensive publicity in every medium. Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi will have many programs and all party spokespersons and senior government ministers will hold press conferences in different parts of the country to announce the government’s achievements. From the first animated video, the party said it would focus on the opposition’s attack on Modi.

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