March 27, 2023

Modi’s advice to BJP leaders

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised his party leaders. Modi has cautioned leaders who are treating 2024 as a done deal, that is, assuming that the BJP will win under Narendra Modi because no party is in the contest. He recalled the India Shining campaign launched before the 2004 elections. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister then and there was no one before him. Opposition against Vajpayee had no leader. So the party leaders went ahead with the election with overconfidence. Everyone knows what the result was!

That is why Prime Minister Modi told the party leaders not to take the challenge lightly at the BJP’s core committee meeting. Apart from Modi, Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, JP Nadda, BL Santosh and other leaders attended the core committee meeting. Before him, the Prime Minister discussed the election preparations and said that whether there is any challenge or not, whether there is an opposition leader or not, the BJP has to go to the polls with full preparation. He said that there should be no negligence anywhere. Efforts should be made to reach the maximum number of people with information about the activities of the central government. From strengthening the booth committee to selecting candidates, he asked to be careful everywhere.

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