February 5, 2023

mcd election delhi shila dixit Congress Congress still has Shila Dixit’s name

Congress party in Delhi is still doing politics and seeking votes in the name of Sheila Dixit. Congress raised slogans in his name and released a song in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. The party is seeking votes as ‘Sheela Ji Wali Delhi’ and ‘Congress Wali Delhi’. However, Congress is not seen in the main battle in Delhi. In fact, in the last several elections, the accounts of the Congress are not being opened. The Congress failed to open its account in the Assembly in 2015 and 2020 and remained blank in the Lok Sabha in 2014 and 2019. With few exceptions, he finished third in all four of these elections.

One reason for this is that the Congress did not allow a single leader to form in Delhi during its 15-year rule. The entire party and the government remained in the hands of Sheila Dixit and she removed all the leaders one by one. Neither Ajay Maken nor Jaiprakash Agarwal achieved any status in the state during his tenure. The party also did not try to save the two senior leaders Sajjan Kumar and Jagadish Tytler accused in the anti-Sikh riots. Yogananda Shastri was the greatest leader of the Jats after Srijan Kumar, but the party did not allow him any status. Sheila Dixit remained Chief Minister for 15 consecutive years and during that time her close leaders, from every constituency, became the face of the party. Leaders like Kiran Walia, Narendra Nath, Ramakant Goswami, Rajkumar Chauhan, Arvinder Singh Lovely were promoted. All these leaders are still there today, but have lost their status in their own field. Had the Congress appointed another Chief Minister at that time, there would have been no opportunity to seek votes in the name of late Sheila Dixit.

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