February 5, 2023

Kushwaha and RCP politics

In Bihar, Upendra Kushwaha, chairman of the ruling Janata Dal U’s Parliamentary Board and member of the Vidhan Parishad, is diverging. Former union minister Kushwaha is set to break away from the JDU and form his own party. He merged his Rashtriya Lok Samata Party with JDU after the 2020 assembly elections. Now he is going to revive his team once again. Note that he formed the party before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and allied with the BJP on three seats. His party won all three Lok Sabha seats and became a Union Minister in Narendra Modi’s first government. They are preparing to work again on the same formula. But BJP’s first attempt is to include him in the party. The BJP wants him to join the party and contest the Lok Sabha elections.

There is also talk about his future politics that Luv Kush may create a new equation with RCP Singh in Bihar. In the 1990s, this equation was created by Nitish Kumar and Shakuni Chowdhury, supported by the BJP from outside, and eventually ended the RJD’s 15-year rule. Upendra Kushwaha can also try but he won’t get any help from RCP. RCP Singh, the number two leader of Nitish’s party, may be a minister in the central government, but he is not as popular among Kurmi voters as Kushwaha is among Queer voters. Second, the BJP is no longer the small party it used to be. So he does not want to make a new Nitish Kumar. Anyway, assembly elections in Bihar are due in late 2025. So the politics of Upendra Kushwaha and RCP together or separately will depend on the Lok Sabha elections.

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