February 5, 2023

himanta biswa sarma shah rukh khan Why Sarma is so clear on Shah Rukh Khan?

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma made a statement about film actor Shah Rukh Khan, which was widely discussed. When the media asked him about the protest in Assam against Shahrukh’s film ‘Pathan’, he said, ‘Who is Shahrukh Khan? Since saying this, he has been continuously explaining. The question is, what happened that they had to give so much clarification? He made his first clarification the morning after making this statement. He posted a tweet, in which he wrote that Mr. Shah Rukh Khan got a call and spoke to him around 2 am. Sarma also tweeted that he has assured Shah Rukh that there will be no law and order problem in Assam and the film will release.

After his tweet, it seemed like it was all over. But the next day i.e. Monday he explained again. This time in a press conference, he said that he used to watch films of actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and others during his time. He said that he has seen only six to seven films in the last 20-21 years. He clarified that he did not give this statement to insult Shah Rukh. The question is why so much clarification? Has he been asked for this from somewhere above? Of course on orders from the high command, he explained and spoke to Shah Rukh Khan at 2 am. In fact his party high command is concerned about keeping the international community happy and is not in favor of creating any unnecessary controversies as of now.

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