February 7, 2023

Gujarat politics BJP Some castes do not leave BJP

In Gujarat, the Patels of the Congress celebration have been getting the identical deception., Just like the Jats in Uttar Pradesh. Regardless of this, the Congress celebration leaves no stone unturned to faucet the Patel vote. The narrative of Gujarat’s Patels being indignant with the BJP has been round for a few years. It was created even on the time of Keshubhai Patel’s elimination and Anandi Ben was fashioned even after Patel’s elimination. Regardless of this, Patels voted for the BJP. Within the final election, Congress was very assured that Congress would get votes due to Hardik Patel. However it did not occur. The BJP gained regardless of Hardik Patel being with the Congress. Then the query is whether or not Patel will vote for Congress after Naresh Patel joins Congress.,

Naresh Patel is a giant chief of Leuva Patel neighborhood however he can not assure that Patel neighborhood will depart BJP and vote for Congress. Truly some castes are like this, Who by no means leaves BJP. Irrespective of how a lot they present their displeasure, they vote for the BJP. Patel of Gujarat is amongst them. They’ll present their displeasure with the BJP however will vote for it., To not Congress. So are the Jats of western Uttar Pradesh. They are going to be indignant with BJP however will vote for BJP solely. Bhumihars and Kayasthas in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh fall underneath this class. Irrespective of how a lot they categorical their displeasure, the BJP will get their vote as a neighborhood. Lingayats in Karnataka additionally roughly vote for the BJP.

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