March 20, 2023

Gujarat formula will not be applicable in Karnataka

BJP MLAs in Karnataka heave a sigh of relief. It is said that the Gujarat formula will not be applicable in the state. That means more MLA tickets will not be cut. Remember that a year before the elections in Gujarat, the entire government was reshuffled and almost all the ministers in his government, including Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, were denied tickets. Tickets of a large number of MLAs have also been cancelled. It was then speculated that Karnataka too would be denied MLA tickets. It is said that based on BJP’s internal survey and feedback from the field, a view has been formed to give tickets again to more people.

Actually the situation in Karnataka is different from Gujarat. BJP has been winning Gujarat for 25 years and both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah hail from Gujarat. It is a laboratory of Hindutva and Congress is bound to lose there because of the second Aam Aadmi Party. So BJP did not hesitate to experiment. In contrast, the BJP formed the government twice in Karnataka and failed to get a majority both times. The party formed a minority government and amassed a majority through sabotage.

This time also the challenge of Congress and JDS is not less. Only then BJP will not be able to conduct any experiment in Karnataka. Unlike Gujarat, Karnataka does not have a wave of Hindutva, but instead practices a subtle caste equation. If more people are ticketed, that social equation will be broken. This equation is said to be the reason why the party decided to contest in the name of Lingayat Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and give tickets to most MLAs again.

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